The legal directories (such as Chambers & Partners, The Legal 500 and IFLR 100) are renowned for their work identifying and ranking the leading lawyers and law firms across the globe, including in Romania. Legal rankings are based on in-depth analyses and research, conducted by experienced team of researchers but especially on clients’ feedback.

All legal directories require lists of referees, whom they usually interview. A referee is usually a client, although it can be anyone who has experience and knowledge of our firm in that practice area over the preceding 12 months. Providing referees to the legal directories allowed us to gather feedback on both our practices and lawyers.

You will find below the latest testimonials received by our firm following the analyses made by the researchers from the legal directories:


Overall the team provides “an integrated, responsive and proactive approach”. (Legal 500 – 2022)

Managing Partner Silviu Stratulat  is “a very hard-working and dedicated corporate lawyer. (Legal 500 – 2022)

Silviu Stratulat – his experience working with foreign clients and understanding the needs of a multinational company.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Responsive and focused on client needs.”(Legal 500 – 2022)

SAA lawyers “really treat us as a very important client and dedicate the time, understanding and team required to do the job.” (Chambers Europe – 2022)

Silviu Stratulat was extremely fast, super sharp, available for our topics almost 24/7, always finding a solution. Cristina Man was extremely hard working, almost 24/7, very good at mixing detail-oriented work with high level balancing and prioritising in order to help our negotiations and deals.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

Silviu Stratulat is “very commercially minded, good at discovering what we haven’t thought about and very protective of our matters.” (Chambers Global – 2021)

“An integrated, responsive and proactive approach. What immediately strikes you is the extreme subject matter expertise and understanding of the business.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“I have worked specifically with partners Silviu Stratulat, Octav Stan and Andrei Albulescu and have been positively impressed by their friendliness and approachability and above all helpfulness when there have been setbacks (as well as, of course, great expertise).” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“The [SAA] lawyers manage the matter very well and are good in terms of coordination.”(Chambers Europe – 2022)

“[Silviu Stratulat] has the ability to structure complex documents in the most efficient and logical way.”(Chambers Global – 2022)

“The team is very well rounded and extremely fast and responsive on M&A projects, VC projects, PE projects, IP matters. It is also very well connected internationally in areas where we have interests.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“The team not only have an extensive international and local exposure to the M&A deals, but they also have a capacity to understand the business and the operations of our company and moreover empathize with me as entrepreneur.” (Corporate/ M&A – Legal 500 – 2020)

“This team is for us the best legal team, as they have the unique ability on the Romanian and SEE market of understanding the particulars of technology startups and VC investments. They give invaluable support all the way, from the initial NDAs and Term Sheets through to due-diligence and into the definitive document negotiation and signing/closing.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“The partners, starting from the Managing Partner [Silviu Stratulat] and the senior partners and continuing with the other professionals, including more junior lawyers and paralegals are always available and they really try to understand our objectives in any deal or transaction, together with the long term objectives that we have with the target company in such a transaction. They start from their and find solutions for all the usual or exceptional problems and challenges we might face in the discussion with the other party but also related to regulators and other parties which could influence or even block the deals.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“A dynamic and personable lead partner in Silviu, who is always looking for the next connection, whilst at the same time is ensuring solid legal advice is provided on live matters.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

Silviu Stratulat is “very attentive to the relation with the clients.” (Chambers Global – 2020)

“All lawyers have the business oriented approach, quick in response, efficient/cost effective, legal advice is always clear and comprehensive.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

Silviu Stratulat – perfect mix of the business oriented approach together with the merit based approach – focused on finding practical solutions for clients – quick in response.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

Silviu Stratulat – his experience working with foreign clients and understanding the needs of a multinational company.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Outstanding involvement of the top management in championing projects. Good use of modern tech, and very professional and motivated staff.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“Fast and competent collaboration during our M&A process. Super-fast reaction time.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“The team is very responsive, handles both my (legal) and my local business colleagues needs very well.” (Legal 500 – 2020)

“He [Silviu Stratulat] delivered high-quality results throughout the entire negotiation.” (Chambers Global – 2020)


Stratulat Albulescu Attorneys at Law has an experienced employment team with “extremely well-prepared and very professional lawyers.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Stratulat Albulescu Attorneys is a professional company, their staff are knowledgeable and reliable persons, always available for discussions – communication is efficient and straightforward. All legal advice received so far was well documented. Whenever, we had difficulties understanding the legal terms used in the written documentation, these were clarified using verbal communication.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“I collaborate with Anca Ulea, who in her advice not only shows legal knowledge for each matter, but also proposes/explains how it should be put into practice in the most efficient way.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“The team is creative and customer-oriented with good technical knowledge and excellent communication skills.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“We have found doing business in Romania particularly complicated from a legal perspective. Stratulat has been superb in helping us to navigate through cumbersome, and in some instances unconventional, local laws and regulations.” (Legal 500 – 2020)

Partner and employment head Andrei Albulescu  has “great, specialised knowledge about his area.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“I know Andrei Albulescu for a couple of years now and I appreciate him and his team, which is comprised of extremely well-prepared and very professional lawyers. I trust this law firm (of nearly 50 people now), their strong expertise in a number of key practice areas – including Employment – and also their deep knowledge of Romanian employment legislation. We also appreciate that Stratulat Albulescu invests in developing long-term relationships with us. They provide us with valuable and practical advice on all Romanian law matters and they also remained closed to us at any moment. They know our business and the Romanian market very well and they have great experience in the Employment area. I can definitely say that they are the best when it comes to understanding of risk.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

Andrei Albulescu heads the team, and he is a highly skilled and experienced lawyer. He is very client-oriented and always there to help. Andrei always delivers very strong advice, being a practical lawyer with excellent knowledge in the Employment field. I would also like to emphasize that Andrei is a fantastic communicator and his involvement in the projects always brings the added value expected from such an experienced professional. The ideal lawyer to work with when dealing with sophisticated and sensitive employment matters.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

Managing Associate Anca Ulea “provides extremely commercial advice and fully understands our needs.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“For employment matters, I strongly recommend Andrei Albulescu and Anca Ulea. Andrei has great, specialised knowledge about his area and always provides advice based on experience and knowledge. Anca provides extremely commercial advice and fully understands our needs.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Stratulat Albulescu’s employment team usually advises us on day-to-day personnel management issues and also on specific matters (such as various matters generated by lockdown in Romania and all the applicable measures for our employees). The employment team is attentive and always anticipates new employment rules and we appreciate them for their high availability and responsiveness. We have worked for long time with the team and we can highly recommend them.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

Andrei Albulescu and Anca Ulea are always reachable, they understand our needs and provide tailor made advice for employment related matters.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

Andrei Albulescu is one of the driving forces of the employment practice. He is very responsive, hands-on and business oriented. He truly embodies the qualities which are essential for a good (international) business lawyer.” (Legal 500 – 2020)

The team is “attentive and always anticipates new employment rules”. (Legal 500 – 2022)

“A responsive team.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“A cost efficient and available team.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“The main strength of Stratulat Albulescu Attorneys at Law is that they have a wide experience in advising companies in labour law matters, therefore they are able to present different possible solutions and market practices, which makes decision making process easier.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Stratulat Albulescu is a young and dynamic legal team which is constantly increasing their experience by covering new niches on the legal market.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“Stratulat Albulescu’s employment practice is a valued and trusted go-to partner for business law advice in Romania. They not only provide us with advice on complex HR legal matters (in an international context) but also go the extra mile and become a true partner.” (Legal 500 – 2020)

Anca Ulea provides sound, robust and pragmatic advice helping us to cut through what, at first glance, can seem to be a complex, bureaucratic legal system.” (Legal 500 – 2020)


Stratulat Albulescu Attorneys at Law has several experienced IP lawyers who are praised for their “responsiveness, flexibility and their professional approach”. (Legal 500 – 2022)

“During the past year I have worked with both Ana Kusak and Elena Stan. Both of them are responsive and well-prepared. Ana stands out for her coordination role, while Elena has solid knowledge and track-record in IP related matters. Both of them are positive persons spreading good energy.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“The strength of the SAA team is the wide knowledge of all the fields we touch when reviewing our franchise contract. The team has been constantly available and supportive in replying to the parties.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

Managing Associate Elena Stan is also singled out for her “solid knowledge and track-record in IP related matters”. (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Attention to detail, knowledge of EU and Romanian context.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“I would characterise them as pros that squeeze everything from the objectives assigned. They get into details thoroughly, cover every aspect of the matter. They put empathy as well into their cases.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

Ana Kusak is an experienced lawyer with well-qualified associates (such as Senior Associate Elena Stan). She is able to provide a bespoke and cost-effective approach to each case. Ana leads her team very well and has very clear strategic thinking.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“Highly responsive team.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

Elena Stan – experienced.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“In terms of intellectual property knowledge, I would say they are very competitive. Our brand is locally very, very strong and there are situations on a regular base where competition or other industries tries to tag-along to get better recognition and exposure. They are defending in the best possible way.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“The whole IP team is well prepared and has the capacity to effectively cooperate and integrate with other practice teams. What we like the most is their responsiveness, flexibility and their professional approach.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Good commitment and knowledge in this area.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Key strengths of the Stratulat Albulescu’s IP team include being very quick in providing answers, proactive and with excellent legal knowledge. All lawyers provide very professional legal advice in very short time frames and are able to understand the complex factual background of a case very quickly. Stratulat Albulescu Attorneys at Law is a great firm to work with.” (Legal 500 – 2021)


The “client-oriented” practice is praised for its “high enthusiasm and the capability to give tailor-made advice”. (Legal 500 – 2022)

“The individuals I work with have a very fast understanding of the matters and my need for the nature of the advice. They are capable to understand my way of thinking and pick up on my legal ideas quickly.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Great team of lawyers who know exactly how to get deals done in a very efficient manner. Stratulat Albulescu delivered every piece of their work in good time and demonstrated excellent knowledge of the sector throughout the entire project. They also advised us on day-to-day real estate matters and constantly proved that they are a complete and professional team. They are able to see the big picture and have a commercial approach. We enjoy working with them and after being active in the real estate industry for so many years, I can say their advisory exceeds many other law firms in Romania.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“The team is very professional in identifying the business needs of the client. beside the solid legal knowledge, they have a very deep understanding of the real estate market, tendencies. They are able to provide a tailor-made legal advice focusing on the main business interest the client wishes to achieve.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“The team of lawyers had a holistic view on the overall project, providing us with different valuable perspectives. In short, they are fast and supporting on all levels, excellent professionals with an out-of-the-box thinking.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“The team is led by Managing Partner Silviu Stratulat, who has a practical knowledge that only a few lawyers have. Andrei Albulescu handles the development side of the practice.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Hard working, multiple projects in the same time, reaction speed in the pandemic context.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Stratulat Albulescu demonstrated a proactive approach, attention to our needs and understanding of the commercial terms.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“I found Stratulat Albulescu to have one of the strongest Real Estate practices in the market. The group includes highly knowledgeable and forward-thinking lawyers with a very creative approach and, most important, a very creative and positive mindset.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

Silviu Stratulat is an excellent managing partner, beside the well-grounded legal knowledge, he selected his legal co-workers with great professionalism. As such, he managed to create in the real estate practice group a team, that is able to provide fast and efficient legal advice in all sub-sectors of real estate law.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“Stratulat Albulescu has some great partners and associates, with a thorough and very good understanding of the transactions they work on.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

Silviu Stratulat is a great professional, he values correctly his team, he is always available to give you ad-hoc advice and to guide you in decision taking. A pleasure to work with.” (Legal 500 – 2020)

“In what concerns the real estate matters, I highly recommend Silviu Stratulat, Tudor Ciambur and Daiana Assoum. Silviu is a stand-out partner with a client-oriented approach and a practical knowledge that only a few lawyers have. He works with very competent real estate lawyers such as Tudor or Daiana, both with a great knowledge and understanding of the task. They’re highly devoted and well-prepared, demonstrating a unique blend of excellent legal perspective with social skills.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Over the past years we worked mostly with Silviu Stratulat. Silviu heads the Real Estate department with professionalism and integrity. He brings a high level of involvement and understanding to each project he is part of and manages every matter in the required deadline, by paying attention to our objectives.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“SAA helped us on many matters related to new or existing locations including negotiations of new leases and renegotiation of existing ones. Once the Covid-19 outbreak, SAA has proved essential to our strategy, approach of the problem and even good-standing. They helped us understand the various legal concepts that were applicable and those which were not applicable although highly debated in the local press. Their speed and efficiency (which sometimes entailed working weekends) allowed us to follow certain steps which later proved essential to our standing in the negotiations of leases with the landlords.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

Tudor Ciambur was always available for questions or unclear topics, he delivered the documents in very short time, he was a great support during the negotiations of the contract, worked mostly independent while representing our interest, whenever there was a topic which seemed to be blocking the process, he came with solutions or alternatives to be explored.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“The team is very client oriented, all needs are addressed in a timely manner in high quality. The solid legal knowledge of each team member is paired with high enthusiasm and the capability to give tailor-made advice. Urgent requests are treated with exceptional efficiency.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“On the real estate side we usually work with Tudor Ciambur and Daiana Assoum. Both of them are knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate matters. The team is coordinated by Silviu Stratulat who is also the Managing Partner of the firm. The long and the short of it: a well-coordinated, efficient and problem-solving real estate team. We have worked with the team over a long period and their experience, knowledge and professional support is part of our successful growth and prevailing during difficult times (i.e. Pandemic period). I highly recommend the team and the individuals.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

Andrei Albulescu has the deepest construction law knowledge of all Romanian lawyers I have worked with so far. Daiana Assoum is devoted to her work, fast responding and very effective.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“Stratulat Albulescu Attorneys at Law offers excellent knowledge, and an amazing understanding of the Romanian real estate market. The lawyers are very responsive and able to provide exceptional legal advice.” (Legal 500 – 2020)


“Stratulat Albulescu Attorneys at Law has a highly responsive team that is praised for being very knowledgeable and detail oriented.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“In few words, highly qualified specialists. The whole team is very knowledgeable and detail oriented.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Partner Ana Kusak and her Senior Associate Elena Stan are very responsive and well-prepared. I was positively impressed by Elena Stan.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

Ana Kusak has deep knowledge in the field of competition.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“The firm has a good reputation for advising start-ups and emerging tech companies on issues ranging from M&A, IP and financings through to data privacy and employment. The practice also has clients in the life sciences, entertainment and advertising sectors. The practice is led by the highly-rated Ana Maria Kusak, with well-regarded Managing Associate Elena Stan in support.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

Roxana Catea offers clear communication, is to the point, with high knowledge, supportive, and available.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

“Highly responsive team.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Over the past several years I worked closely with Ana Kusak and Elena Stan. As already stated in my previous answers, I really appreciate both Ana and Elena for all their exceptional professional qualities.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

Elena Stan and Ana Maria Kusak are all excellent, timely and considered contacts who have made working with the firm an absolute pleasure. They are friendly and informed, able to respond to queries quickly with information readily rather than having to go away and research the topics. Communications skills are superior to many other firms worked with and they are all credits to the firm.” (Legal 500 – 2021)

Silviu Stratulat is amazing. Very friendly and personal.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“The best legal team in Romania.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“Everyone from the Stratulat Albulescu team with whom we interacted showed professionalism and managed to help us with the most suitable solutions every time.” (Legal 500 – 2022)

“They have continued to provide valuable, thoughtful insight over the two years we have been working with them. They are problem-solving oriented, and do not simply give ‘no’ answers when we are exploring a new possibility, instead seeking to provide genuine practical answers whenever possible.” (Legal 500 – 2021)